Eliminating witness bias
in radiology litigation


Our de-identified cloud-based PACS presents your blinded X-rays & scans for expert review.
Blind Panel Review
10 board-certified radiologists review the study at issue, which has been disguised and inserted into their daily work flow. They are unaware that the exam is the subject of litigation.
Blind Expert Review
An expert witness reviews a set of radiology studies, one of which is at issue in litigation. The expert assesses all the exams, not knowing which one is at issue, providing an unbiased assessment of the litigation exam.
Blind Image Hosting
Cleareview can de-identify examinations and reports in your possession and make them available in a secure partition of our image archive, accessible only to you or those you authorize.
Expert Witness Recruiting
For clients who do not have experts available to them, Cleareview can assist in selection of a suitable expert.


Our cloud platform is the solution to the problem of Expert Witness Bias


Dr. Robinson formed Cleareview in 2012 as a response to the claim that radiologist expert witnesses were inevitably biased when reviewing radiological examinations involved in malpractice litigation. Cleareview streamlines the fact-finding process by improving expert witness’s credibility. Dr. Mehta developed the Blind Panel Review in 2015 to address the same issue. We are proud to offer both services to the medical and legal professions.


Rebecca Ringer, JD
Cleareview has my strongest endorsement. As a litigator who frequently tries medical malpractice cases, I can directly attribute some of my successful trial outcomes to the use of Cleareview in radiology cases.
Brad Piscadlo, JD
Cleareview is a great service that allows us to conduct truly blinded radiology reviews. It’s professional and easy to use.
David Levitsky, MD
I thought I would be looking really closely at every case. After a while I realized that I wasn’t doing anything that different from what I do on a daily basis.


Our cloud platform is the solution to the problem of Expert Witness Bias
Jeffery Robinson
Dr. Robinson studied and trained at Washington University, the University of Minnesota, UCLA, the University of Washington and the University of Massachusetts. He was a Network Fellow at the Edmund J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard Law School. He is an author or co-author of more than thirty scientific publications. Board certified in diagnostic radiology, he has over thirty years of clinical radiology experience. He has been consulted on numerous medical-legal cases by both plaintiff's and defendant's counsel and has an extensive background in information technology, with an emphasis on medical imaging.
Neerav Mehta
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Mehta studied medicine and trained in radiology at Boston University, Brown University, and the University of Pennsylvania. He is board certified in diagnostic radiology and neuroradiology, with over twenty years of clinical radiology experience. In addition to diagnostic imaging, he holds a Master’s degree in economics from the Healthcare Management department at the Wharton school. He has consulted on several neuroradiology medical-legal cases and has pioneered the Blind Panel Review process.